About The Author

The author Danny Wilson is a writer and functional social scientist that has written books and completed research projects for business and operations. He has written the fun books The Halloween Bet and The Clever Toad-The Race. Please enjoy these books and tell a friend.
The Author wishes good health and prosperity. The author loves to write. He has written poetry, fiction and also writes business analysis works. The author has three degrees including a master's degree of management. The author grew up in southern America near the rivers and remembers playing with frogs and his dog. The author was was inspired to write The Clever Toad because of his fun memories and the many stories he was told. The author enjoyed writing The Clever Toad - the race and hope it will become a classic you will enjoy.

My Work


I have written the book The Clever Toad in Color, published by Archway Publishing.  As an analyst, Sociologist, and Management graduate that has completed research projects and studied business as well ,it is a pleasure to add to my accomplishments.

My Accomplishments

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I have accomplished several areas of achievement. These include:

  • Completing Military Service - Medal Awarded for Service
  • A Masters Degree of Management
  • A Bachelors Degree of Sociology
  • Writing Articles, Winning Poetry Writing in College and more.